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PT 3102 Stand + Trolley

General Description
  • Heavy duty mobile stand phototherapy unit
  • Fire retardant enclosure for light source
  • Antistatic castors, 2 with brakes
  • Single head, surface size approx. 0.5m x 0.33m
  • Head height adjustment approx. 0.95 to 1.5m
  • Source cooling fan
  • Mirror coated reflector
  • Blue light, 4 compact Fluorescent Tubes (CFL) approx. 20W
  • White light, 2 compact Fluorescent Tubes (CFL) approx. 20W
  • High irradiance at Skin level up to 30µw/cm2/nm at 30cm
  • Wavelength – 420 to 500nm, with highest intensity at 470nm
  • Dual digital cumulative hour timer for tubes usage and patient exposure
  • Power requirement – 230V/50Hz
  • Power consumption – 100W

Infant Care Trolley

  • Mobile basinet cot for neonates
  • Cart on 4 swivel castors, approx. dia. 100 mm, 2 castors with brake
  • Baby Tray with mattress along with head up/down facility and X-ray cassette holder
  • Mattress density approx. 21-25 kg/m³ and with removable, washable, waterproof covers
  • 6mm thick - Transparent acrylic, drop down and lockable side panels
  • Two shelves below baby bed for under surface phototherapy and storage