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NRU 3002C Fixed cradle
General Description
  • Smooth and Crevice Free Designed surfaces
  • Fire retardant composite enclosures for better safety
  • Mobile radiant heat warmer- Electrically operated motorised jerk free height adjustment
  • Mounted on 4 swivel castors (100mm) - 2 castors with brake
  • Baby tray (SS) with mattress along with variable head up/down facility and X-ray cassette holder
  • Mattress density approx. 21-25 kg/m3 and removable washable water proof cover
  • 6mm thick - Transparent acrylic drop down and lockable side panel
  • Facility to attach multiple syringe/infusion pump, monitor shelf and SS multi hook IV stand
  • Swivelling hood suspended above the table integrates heating element
  • Ceramic heater (650 W) with parabolic reflector, protected by metallic grid
  • Patient examination lamp for extra illumination during procedure
  • 2 shelves below baby bed for under surface Phototherapy and storage

  • Integrated support for 10L oxygen Cylinder
  • Oxygen regulator with pressure gauge, flow meter and humidifier bottle along with silicone tubing for delivery of oxygen from humidifier bottle to patient

  • Integrated Slow Suction unit with Vacuum Regulator, Vacuum Gauge and Autoclavable
  • Fluid Jar 500ml (2 nos.) and Silicone tubing

  • Silicone manual Resuscitator size Infant (250ml) with 00 and 01 size face masks.
  • Laryngoscope - Penlight handle with size 0 and 1 straight blade
  • Silicone Airways size 000, 00 and 0

Temperature Controller C
  • Best in class highly reliable microcontroller and CE marked temperature sensor ensures safe and durable micro temperature controlled environment for an Infant
  • Germicidal grade keyboards ensure better safety against cross infection through operator
  • Highly functional & usable bold, colour coded and thoughtful grouping of display and controls make the user more comfortable and facilitate in concentrating on Infant
  • Skin, Air and Manual Control modes
  • Digital LED to display Baby temp in °C and °F, Set Temperature and Air temperature
  • Graphical LCD to display Temperature v/s Time trends of Baby’s Temperature, % and Bar graph of heater power, control mode, set and actual temperature, up/down timer, alarm messages and menu
  • Audio alarm with volume control and mute facility